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::: Special Topics on Digital Communication 3 credit 3 hours
1.Waveform API, PCM, u-Law, ADPCM, CELP 2.Acoustic Echo, Line Echo, Adaptive, LMS, RLS, IIR 3.LPF, HPF, IIR, FIR 4.FFT +Peak Detect, Goertzel, MCA-QCS 5.FM, Wave-Table, TTS 6.un'SP-061, TI-C5402/C6711, MAC, Addressing, 7.Capture API, BW-RGB, Preprocess, 8.YUV, VQ, H.263, MPEG 9.VQ, RNN 10.Motion Detect 11.TCP/IP/NDIS 12.Bandwidth, Packet-Loss, Delay, 13.Chat-Room, Internet Game 14.Voice/Video Over IP: 15.PSTN, GSM, H.323/SIP/HSF: 16.Conference, Mobility, Security on VoIP: 17.IP-Based TV/Radio Design: 18.Smart-Phone Programming
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