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::: Satellite Data Compression 1 credit 1 hours
This course provides a global review of optical satellite image and data compression theories, algorithms, and system implementations. It describes a variety of lossless and near-lossless data-compression techniques and international satellite data compression standards. Some novel satellite data compression techniques for both onboard and on-ground use, user assessments of the impact that data compression has on satellite data applications, building hardware compression systems, and optimizing and deploying systems are introduced. This course addresses important issues of satellite data compression and implementation, and it presents an end-to-end treatment of data compression technology. This course is aimed to cover the basis as follows: 1. Needs for Data Compression and Image Quality Metrics 2. Lossless Satellite Data Compression 3. International Standards for Spacecraft Data Compression 4. Vector Quantization Data Compression 5. Optimizing the Performance of Onbo
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