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Congratulations to Professor Yen-Shinn Lai and his student, Dr. Chris Yu for receiving the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (JESTPE) 2nd Prize Paper Award, 2018. 2019/10/03
The revised regulation of the doctoral qualification examination was completed 2019/09/04
Welcome to the speech 2019/06/05
(With application form)EE department arranges a high-tech factory visiting for International students. attachments2019/05/03
EE department arranges a high-tech factory visiting for International students. 2019/05/03
Congratulations to the team of Asso. Prof. Jin-Shyan Lee for receiving the "Excellence Award" in the National Competition in Electronic Design Innovation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Apr. 13, 2019. 2019/04/29
Room 216B of Integrated Technology Complex is reserved as the studying classroom for EE students to prepare their midterm examination. The reserved date is from Apr. 8th until Apr. 19th, 9am. No food or chatting is allowed. 2019/04/08
Office Hours of Faculty of EE Department, 2nd Semester, 2018 attachments2019/03/15
107-2 the reference books of QE 2019/03/15
107-2 information of QE attachments2019/03/13
What is Wiley Researcher Academy? 2019/02/24
107-2 the application of QE 2019/02/18
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