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::: Chih-Ping Yu
Journal Papers
1. "Two-port-two-port SI between RS485 and Ethernet with an FIFO queue for efficient PC-to-PC communication", IET Networks, 102-109, SCI, 2020/05/01
2. "Analysis and Modelling of One-Dimensional Folded Vertical Hall Sensor with Readout Circuit", IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, 6880-6887, SCI, 2017/11/01
3. "Predictive direct torque control Application-specific integrated circuit of an induction motor drive with a fuzzy controller", Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications, 1-16, SCI, 2017/06/01
4. "A 10-bit 1.8 V 45 mW 100 MHz CMOS transmitter chip for use in an XDSL modem in a home network", Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 515-527, SCI, 2014/11/01
5. "2-D Differential Folded Vertical Hall Device 2-D Differential Folded Vertical Hall Device Using CMOS Technology", IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, 2253-2262, SCI, 2013/06/01
6. "Mixed-signal transmitter chip with digital bridge and analogue front-end for XDSL in home networks", IET Networks, 181-188, SCI, 2012/10/01
7. "Two-dimensional folded CMOS Hall device with interacting lateral magnetotransistor and magnetoresistor", Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 6–15, SCI, 2012/08/01
8. "Mixed-Mode Chip Implementation of Digital Space SVPWM with Simplified-CPU and 12-Bit 2.56 Ms per s Switched-Current Delta-Sigma ADC in Motor Drive", IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics, 915-930, SCI, 2012/02/01
9. "Implication of rapid thermal annealing-induced cracks on the performance of multiple-quantum-well laser diodes", APPLIED OPTICS, 2695, SCI, 2003/05/01
Conference Papers
1. "Internet-of-Things Based Controller of a Three-Phase Induction Motor Using a Variable-Frequency Driver", 2019 IEEE Eurasia Conference on IOT, Communication and Engineering (ECICE), 雲林, 2019/10/03
2. "具 T-S 模糊磁滯控制器之直接轉矩控制系統 FPGA 設計與實現", 中華民國第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北市, 2018/12/15
3. "交流感應馬達控制用之二加一階切換電流式三角積分調變器", 中華民國第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北市, 2018/12/15
4. "交流感應馬達控制用之磁場感測器晶片設計", 中華民國第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北市, 2018/12/15
5. "直流無刷馬達控制用之功率電晶體閘極驅動電路和降壓型電壓轉換器", 中華民國第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北市, 2018/12/15
6. "直流無刷馬達控制用之 10 位元 5 MS/s 連續漸進式類比數位轉換器", 中華民國第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北市, 2018/12/15
7. "交流感應馬達控制用之一對二乙太網路與 RS485 介面封包轉換與傳送晶片設計", 中華民國第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北市, 2018/12/15
8. "Intelligent Packet Transformation and Transmission Between Ethernet and Optical Fiber Systems Based on a Field-Programmable Gate Array Board", 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 宮崎市Miyazaki, 2018/10/07
9. "Modified Direct Torque Control Application-Specific Integrated Circuit With Five-Stage Fuzzy Hysteresis and a Proportional–Integral–Derivative Controller for a Three-Phase Induction Motor", 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 宮崎市Miyazaki, 2018/10/07
10. "A 10-bit 200-MS/s switched-current pipelined ADC for analog front end of XDSL", The 7th IEEE International Symposium on Next-Generation Electronics (ISNE 2018), Taipei, 2018/05/07
11. "雙埠乙太網路與 RS-485 介面封包轉換與傳送晶片設計", 2017民生電子研討會, 台北市, 2017/11/18
12. "適用於VDSL架構中的10位元200 MHz切換電流式管線型類比數位轉換器晶片", 2017民生電子研討會(WCE 2017), 台北市, 2017/11/18
13. "應用於無線感測系統之改型節能網研發", 2016 National Symposium on System Science and Engineering, 南投, 2016/07/08
14. "Predictive Direct Torque Control Chip with a Fuzzy Controller for Induction Motor", 2016 International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, 西安, 2016/07/04
15. "Third-Order Switched-Current Delta-Sigma Modulator with ADC and IDWA", 2016 International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, 西安, 2016/07/04
16. "無風扇工業電腦系統電磁干擾解決方案研究", 2016全國電磁相容技術與實務研討會, 台中市,逢甲大學, 2016/06/23
17. "無線感測系統節能型網路拓樸之研究", 2015智慧車用電子研討會, 桃園市, 2015/12/01
18. "Predictive direct torque control ASIC with speed feedback controller in motor drive", Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), 2014 IEEE International Conference, San Diego, CA, 2014/10/05
19. "Predictive Direct Torque Control ASIC with Speed Feedback Controller", The 25th VLSI Design/CAD Symposium, 臺中市, 2014/08/05
20. "馬達控制網路用之低功率位址分類晶片研究", 第33屆電力工程研討會, 臺北市, 2012/12/07
21. "Two-dimensional folded Hall sensor fabricated in standard CMOS technology", IEEE SENSORS 2012, Taipei, 2012/10/28
22. "成功的專案經理人特質:由尼希米談起", 2012聖經、科學與教育國際研討會, 新北市, 2012/05/18
23. "A Comparison of Second-Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Between Switched-Capacitor and Switched-Current Techniques", IEEE APCCAS 2008, Macao, 2008/11/30
24. "High-Order Delta-Sigma Modulator with Switched-Current Feedback Memory Cell", IEEE APCCAS 2008, Macao, 2008/11/30
25. "The Interaction between Magnetoresistor and Magnetotransistor in the Two-dimensional Folded Hall Device", PIERS 2008, 杭州, 2008/03/24
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