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::: Ming-Shi Huang
Journal Papers
1. "Quantitative Design and Implementation of an Induction Cooker for a Copper Pan", IEEE Access, 14, SCI, 2021/01/01
2. "Adaptive backstepping control for synchronous reluctance motor based on intelligent current angle control", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, 15, SCI, 2020/07/01
3. "Simulation-Assisted Design of a Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer With Circular Sandwich Coils for E-Bike Sharing System", IEEE Access, 15, SCI, 2020/06/01
4. "Intelligent Maximum Torque per Ampere Tracking Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor Using Recurrent Legendre Fuzzy Neural Network", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, 15, SCI, 2019/12/01
5. "An Innovative Constant Voltage Control Method of PMSM-Type ISG Under Wide Engine Speed Range for Scooter With Idling Stop", IEEE Access, 11, SCI, 2019/02/01
6. "Torque control in constant power region for IPMSM under six-step voltage operation", IET Electric Power Application, 9, SCI, 2019/01/01
7. "交流馬達高效率化趨勢-兼論同步磁阻馬達之特性", 機械月刊, 17, ELSE1, 2016/05/01
8. "Takagi-Sugeno-Kang type probabilistic fuzzy neural network control for grid-connected LiFePO4 battery storage system", IET Electric Power Applications, 12, SCI, 2013/06/01
9. "Digital-controlled single-phase transformer-based inverter for non-linear load applications", IEEE Transaction of Industrial Informatics, 10, SCI, 2013/05/01
10. "用於永磁同步馬達之具類弦波定子電流的六步波電壓驅動技術", 電機月刊, 8, ELSE1, 2013/01/01
11. "Adaptive Complementary Sliding-Mode Control with MIMO RHNN Estimator for Thrust Active Magnetic Bearing System", Control Engineering Practice, 12, SCI, 2011/05/01
12. "Intelligent double integral sliding-mode control for five-DOF active magnetic bearing", IET Control Theory Applications, 17, SCI, 2011/04/01
13. "Tracking Control of Thrust Active Magnetic Bearing System via Hermite Polynomial-Based Recurrent Neural Network", IET Electrical Power Application, 15, SCI, 2010/11/01
14. "Design and implementation of a magnetically levitated single-axis controlled axial blood pump", IEEE Industrial electronics, 7, SCI, 2009/06/01
15. "從智慧車輛看電機產業發展機會", 電機月刊, 5, ELSE1, 2006/10/01
16. "電機產業切入車輛的機會與挑戰", 電機月刊, 6, ELSE1, 2005/10/01
17. "Speed control for field-weakened induction motor drive", IEE Proc. Electr. Power Appl., 12, SCI, 2005/05/01
18. "永磁同步馬達於複合動力車輛之應用", 機械工業雜誌, 17, ELSE1, 2004/11/01
19. "感應主軸馬達之驅動控制與應用", 電機月刊, 11, ELSE1, 2004/08/01
20. "Transient performance improvement control for IFO induction motor drive in field-weakening region", IEE Proc. Electr. Power Appl., 10, SCI, 2003/09/01
21. "Improved field-weakening control for IFO induction motor", IEEE Trans. Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 13, SCI, 2003/03/01
Conference Papers
1. "以 Q3D 輔助設計使用SiC MOSFET 之 LLC 轉換器", 三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北, 2018/12/14
2. "用於 PMSM 型 ISG 寬引擎速度範圍怠速熄火機車之新型定電壓控制", 第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北, 2018/12/14
3. "新型用於永磁同步馬達之無煞車模組減速方法", 第三十九屆電力工程研討會, 台北, 2018/12/14
4. "新型轉矩控制用內置式永磁同步馬達定功率區之六步波電壓控制", 15屆電力電子研討會, 台中, 2018/09/14
5. "以GaN研製寬範圍電壓輸出之單變壓器三相LLC轉換器", 第15屆電力電子研討會, 台中, 2018/09/14
6. "以Maxwell 3D協助用於非導磁鍋具之電磁爐研製", 15th電力電子研討會, 台中, 2018/09/14
7. "A Novel Small Signal Modeling of Series Resonant Converter Based on Peak Value of Resonant Current", IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT 2016), Taipei, 2016/03/14
8. "Reduce the Cogging Torque of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Light Electric Vehicle Applications", IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT 2016), Taipei, 2016/03/14
9. "A Novel PMSM Drive using Digital Hall-Effect Sensors for Electric Scooter", The 10th International Workshop on Power Electronics and Motion Control, Nagoya, 2013/03/08
10. "Novel Bi-directional AC-DC with Fast Dynamic Response for EV/HEV Battery Testing", 第32屆電力研討會, 台北, 2011/12/02
11. "Novel Bi-directional AC-DC Converter for Electrical Vehicle Battery Testing", IEEE IECON, Melbourne, 2011/11/07
12. "Design and implementation of a bi-directional power flow battery test system", The 8th International Workshop on Power Electronics and Motion Control, Busan, 2011/02/18
13. "以數位化實現具隔離高升壓比之雙向直流-直流轉換器", 第卅一屆電力工程研討會, 台南, 2010/12/03
14. "具有均流控制之全數位多相輸出之直流轉換器研製", 第三十屆電力工程研討會, 桃園, 2009/11/28
15. "Development of Electric Powertrain with a Boost Converter for the Fuel Cells Plug-in Electric Scooter", IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo 2009, San Jose, 2009/09/20
16. "The Design and Implementation of a Digital Controlled Single-phase AC Power Source Equipped with Output Isolation Transformer", The 7th International Mini-workshop on Power Electronics and Motion Control 2009, Nagoya, 2009/07/15
17. "Implementation of a Paralleled Dual-Module Current-Controlled DC/AC Inverter Using DSP", The 6th International Mini-workshop on Power Electronics and Motion Control, Taipei, 2008/01/25
18. "Implementation of a Paralleled Dual-module DC/AC Inverter Using Digital Signal Processor", 第28屆電力工程研討會, 高雄, 2007/12/07
19. "以數位訊號處理器實現具有相移與零電壓切換之全橋轉換器", 第六屆台灣電力電子研討會, 彰化, 2007/09/07
20. "Design and Implementation of a Multirate Digital Servo Driver for DC Servo Motor", International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, Nagasaki, 2006/11/20
21. "Speed control performance improvement for induction motor with field-weakening", Proc. of 24th National Symposium on Electrical Power Engineering, 台南, 2003/12/12
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23. "Field-weakening control for an IFO induction motor drive", IEEE TENCON'02, 北京, 2002/10/28
1. "2007年能源科技研究發展白皮書(第三篇第二章第三節)", 經濟部能源局, ISBN:978-986-01-1702-8, 出版日期:2007/12/01
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